Male and Female doctors available, The clinic has been structured in order to suit the local working population in the city centre. Located in the heart of the Dublin City centre we hope to provide the best health care for our customers.

We have a range of service available in our centre:

  • General Practice
  • Blood tests (check-up) includes:Full blood screen-Liver enzymes-Kidney enzymes-Bone profile-Blood sugar-Cholestrole ( no blood test on the weekends )
  • Blood tests (Full check-up) includes: All the general check bloods plus Ferritin-Iron studies-Vitamin B12-Folic acid-Thyroid functions test-Prostate enzyme-Female hormonal levels-Ceoliac screen (no blood tests on the weekends).
  • Repeat prescriptions
  • Womens Health (Mirena coil insertion, Jaydess insertion, Copper coil insertion, implanon insertion and removal, pessary ring)
  • Mens Health
  • Sexual transmitted disease screening the best rate in Dublin
  • Full medical check up
  • Facial Injections and Fillers including (booking by phone only) recognised training courses for doctors and nurses (for enquiries on our courses contact 01 8734975).
  • Medical certs
  • We also do Home visits (Out of hours) when possible
  • Contraception consultation.
  • Cervical Smear tests (We are a registered Centre).
  • Minor Surgical Procedures ( booking by phone only ).
  • FLU vaccine.
  • Dermatology (GP with special interest).
  • Cosmetic vouchers are available in the clinic.

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