Q1- What is a STI test ?

A- STI stands for sexual transmitted diseases. The test involves screening for STI infections which could occur in males and females. On the day of testing you give a blood test and a urine sample ,and in some cases you need to have swabs done depending on your presentation.

Q2- Who needs a STI test ?

A- You can do an STI test if you are symptomatic such itch, urethral discharge, rash, lump, warts ect .... OR if you have no symptoms. A large number of patients would like to check even though they have no symptoms.

Q3- How long does the test take ?

A- It takes from 15-30 minutes depending on the case and the results will be back in 5-7 working days.

Q4- What are the types of diseases that I can get through sexual intercourse ?

A- There are a number of diseases the most common is HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea.

Q5- How can I make an appointment ?

A- You can ring on 01-8734975 or email us on info@abbeymedicalcentre.com

Q6- What is the fee for an STI test ?

A- The full screening test is 90 euros , the fee will go up if treatment needed on the day.

Q7- When & How will I get my results ?

A- It takes 5-7 days to get the results back. We can give results over the phone or by email, but we prefer you come back as you might need treatment. You will not be charged for your return visit only if you need treatment then a charge will incur.

Q8- Can I get a copy of my results ?

A- Yes we do provide a copy of results to the patient by hand only. We do send any results by  email if the patient wants. WE DO NOT SEND ANY RESULTS BY POST

Q9- Is all information confidential and private ?

A- The whole screening test and results are confidential and private we send no results to home addresses

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