Look after your skin the way it looks after you.....

We offer a range of services at affordable prices : 

- Sexual Transmitted Diseases / Infections screening and treatment in a quiet , discreet & private setting with the best rate of 80 euro only for ths service call 018734975

-GP with a special interest in Dermatology.

-Anti Wrinkle Injections


-Minor Cosmetics procedures

So why choose us ?

We are different and that why we stand out with it comes to comparing us to other. We give you time to listen and explain in a quiet and friendly enviroment.

All our serives are doctors led.

When you contact us you will speak with the doctor directly

We prepare everything right infront of you , all new and sealed and we only use the original , no generics   

We wont be beaten on price :

1-Full STI/STD screening for 80 euro includes a blood test for HIV 1 &2 , Hepatitis B , Hepatitis C and Syphylis , Urine sample for chlamydai and Gonorrhoea , Herpes Simplex test are extra for 10 euro

2-Our GP dermatologist has a diploma in dermatology from Cardiff University (Wales), the consultation fee for this service is 60 euro then 35 euro for review if needed

Examination of pigmented lesions with Dermoscope helps to differenciate on most suspicious lesions.

We believe in small profit is big on the long term and we know satisfied customers with the service and price will come back and thats our biggest profit on the long run.



Phone 01-8734975

Fax 01-5394983

71 Middle Abbey Street , Dublin 1 Monday to Friday : 9am - 6pm , Saturday : 10am - 4pm , Sunday by appointment ring 01-8734975